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South End Art Stroll

In South End, inspiring art isn’t confined to the walls of a coffee shop or the space of a gallery. Here, you’ll find sculptures on your walk to work, murals adorning the entrance of your favorite restaurant, or pops of color on the side of an apartment building. In South End, art is all around—you just have to keep your head up, eyes open, and know where to look. Below you’ll find a tour of South End’s artwork—some new, some little-known, yet all amazing. If you’re craving the scenic route the next time you’re heading to Uptown, a workout, or dinner, refer back to this seven-stop stroll and check out some of the unique and lesser known art pieces that make South End so special.

Stop 1: People of the River

Mural by: Miouxnie. Located in the Rivafanoli Passage—300 Lincoln St.

This lively mural is the first of a series planned for the passageway. Beginning with the Catawba Indians (represented in People of the River) through to the present day, this mural series will eventually tell the history of the Queen City.

Stop 2: Angel Wings

Mural by: Red Calaca Studio. Located at Max and Lola Bodega—1501 S Mint St.

This interactive mural is one of the newest additions to South End. With a pair of angel wings for grown adults, kids, and even your dog, this piece is fun for everyone and the perfect photo op.

Stop 3: Urban Eddy

Art installation by: Carmella Jarvi. Located at CLT Powerhouse—1507 Camden Road.

For this unique piece, glass artist Carmella Jarvi photographed her colorful glasswork, printed it on large pieces of translucent vinyl, and adhered them to the windows wrapping the building. Designed to give the effect of water droplets, this installation is truly one of a kind.

Stop 4: Unfurled

Mosaic by: Pamela Goode, Lin Schorr, and 52 international mosaic artists. Located at—102 W. Park Ave.

Completed in 2014, this colorful and collaborative mosaic mural was created by over 50 professional mosaic artists and covers roughly 100 square feet of prime South End real estate.

Stop 5: Mother Nature

Mural by: Rosalia Torres-Weiner. Located at Friendship Trays—2401 Distribution St. # A

Mother Nature Mural lives on the side of beloved South End establishment, Friendship Trays and is a work of art by Rosalia Torres-Weiner. Torres-Weiner’s art has been exhibited in many galleries and museums, including the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum in Washington, D.C.. Lucky for Charlotteans, you just have to travel to South End to see her incredible work in person.

Stop 6: Soundwave Art

Mural by: by Central Piedmont Community College students. Located along the light rail at —109 E. Tremont Ave. and 2833 Griffith St.

Some would consider Soundwave Art to be the Magic Carpet Murals’ less-photographed sibling. This piece is one that will catch you by surprise as you bike to the brewery or walk your dog to the ice cream parlor. And that’s one of the things that makes it so great—it’s as accessible as it is awesome.

Stop 7: The Sting

Pop art painting by: Shelly Johnson and Nathan Kelly. Located at—2400 South Blvd.

Comic book lovers this one’s for you! This 160-foot pop art painting is one of Charlotte’s largest pieces of public art, and one that details an interesting piece of Charlotte’s history.

For the definitive list of public art in South End click here, and don’t forget to tag us in the photos from your favorite stops using @southendclt

Looking for other unique ways to take in the magic of South End? Check back for more South End Strolls—a series that literally walks you through some of the fun and unexpected ways you can make the most of your time in South End.