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I Heart Rail Trail: Lights

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Here's the scoop:

I Heart Rail Trail: Lights was back from March 4th through March 20th, as the Rail Trail celebrated local art with never-before-seen interactive light installations. Attendees were able to stroll down the Rail Trail enjoying one-of-a-kind art, with opportunities to take the perfect photo, grab a bite to eat, explore the South End neighborhood, and do it all again the next day.

I Heart Rail Trail: Lights is coming back in 2023! Stay tuned for deets.

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ARKO x MOON at 1100 South Plaza

ARKO x MOON is an ongoing collaboration between Arko CLT and Luvly Moon. They have worked on several public art pieces together. They are both muralist and street artists based in Charlotte with a passion for personification and bright colors in their art and a desire to spread good vibes.

See Luvly Moon and Arko's installation, "Ze Portal," at the plaza 1100 South. "Ze Portal" is envisioned as an escape room located in the hustle and bustle of the urban environment. The viewer can walk through "Ze Portal" and feel removed from the chaos, allowing for a feeling of balance and renewal. 



Oliver Lewis at the RailYard

Oliver, a technology and science-based artist with a background in chemical engineering, moved to Charlotte in the early 2000's. Oliver intertwines his background in engineering to combine robotics with art. He believes art works wonders in communicating science and technology to the public.

See Oliver's installation, "Sweet Dreams," at the RailYard. "Sweet Dreams" recalls the comfort and protection of a nightlight as a child. The installation immerses the viewer in a slumberland crafted out of shadow and light. Viewers can bask in the glow of three oversized nightlights as they illuminate the area. 

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Meredith Dallas at the Dilworth Artisan Station Plaza

Meredith is a sculptor from Rock Hill, SC with a decade of experience in welding and sculpture. Meredith holds a BFA from Winthrop and a MFA from University of Illinois. She is currently the lead welder and production designer at ASCM, Inc. in South End. Her philosophy of public art places an emphasis on how art must contribute to and mesh seamlessly within a community.

Find Meredith's installation, "Garden of Light - A Wish for the Future," at Dilworth Artisan Station. "Garden of Light - A Wish for the Future" creates an immersive space in which viewers can to walk, take photos, and enjoy the beauty of nature. The sculptural installation is an abstracted garden of light, completed by large, lighted dandelions. The dandelions invite the viewer to make a wish for their future.


Katrina Sanchez Standfield & Caleb Roenigk at Atherton Mill Lawn

Katrina is a Panamanian-American artist who uses fibers and mixed materials to make art that explore ideas of play, community, healing and renewal. Katrina’s study of scale, texture, color and form plays with how we relate to our environments, ourselves and each other. Caleb's installation work inspires individuals to engage with space in new ways and to understand the impact people can have on a space through their own unique self-expression. Color and form at large scale play an important role in Caleb’s work, often towering over the viewer as an act of gentle confrontation.

See Katrina and Caleb's installation, "Movimientos Illuminados" or Illuminated Movements, at the Tremont Ave. Lawn at Atherton Mill. The work is a playful archway installation influenced by the visual language of Katrina’s studio practice in fiber and Caleb’s ripstop fabric installations. “Movimientos Illuminados” is a vibrant display of large-scale noodles that loop, weave, and flow together overhead, connecting to create an archway. 



Kiik Create at the Atherton Mill Plaza

Manoela and Gray of KiiK Create are alumni of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY and have been collaborating on art for over a decade. They have painted murals and exhibited works in both North and South America as well as in Puerto Rico. They have also worked with brands like Coca Cola, US OPEN, T-Mobile and 21C Museum Hotel.

See Kiik Create's installation, "EFT: Night Shift," at the plaza at Atherton Mill. The work is a sculptural installation composed of six brightly painted graphic sculptures. Each work has a distinct shape in vivid color palette with fluorescent hues that are activated at night by blacklight LEDs. The installation can be seen as a ‘human energy charging station' where each token serves as a visual icon representing a hidden latent energy awaiting activation. The works are meant to inspire inner contemplation and suggest a night shift in perception.

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