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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is South End CLT and what is its purpose?

South End CLT is part of the nonprofit organization, Charlotte Center City Partners. The Center City Partners facilitates and promotes the economic, cultural, and residential development of the urban core. Our vision is for Charlotte's Center City to be viable, livable, memorable, and sustainable with modern infrastructure, a tapestry of unique neighborhoods, and a diversity of thriving businesses. We envision and implement strategies and actions to drive the economic, social and cultural development of Charlotte’s Center City. The vision is the continuation of the growth of our city as pedestrian-friendly and walkable, with comfortable and interesting neighborhoods. It must have mixed growth, with balanced initiatives that are leveraged by public and private investment. For more information visit the Center City Partners webpage, or email

Who are the people in orange vests that walk around South End? 

They are the Charlotte Center City Partners’ Ambassadors! They are your Uptown and South End Concierge and are currently working in South End on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Our Ambassador team can be found throughout Uptown and South End neighborhoods wearing bright orange uniforms. 

Working in collaboration with our partners at CMPD, the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority and social services organizations, the Ambassadors work to connect Center City and South End visitors, residents, workers and others with the information and services they need.

The Ambassador team is happy to assist with a variety of safety services. If you are ever in need of a helping hand, please call the Ambassador team: You can reach Kamille at 980.240.4436. 

Do you have an Ambassador experience that you would like to share? Please email us at

This service is provided in partnership with Block by Block.

How do I ride the Light Rail?

You can buy a ticket at the kiosk at the station, or via the app called CATS Pass. Tickets are required if you are over 5 years old, and they are $2.20 each way.

What is up with all of the scooters?

Dock less bikes and scooter share programs are currently available in the City of Charlotte. Learn more here.

Who can I talk to about….?

Trimming a tree in the right of way

Call 311 and ask for the City Arborist.

A question about city streets

Call 311 and ask for the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT).

Street closures for special event


Safety & security

For something that requires immediate response, always call 911. For general information about safety in South End or for a property safety assessment, contact Community Coordinator Officer Justin Davies at 

Cell Reception in South End 

If you are a resident or worker in South End and are experiencing cell phone reception issues, please use the information below to better help us and the cell phone providers track and improve their service. 

Verizon: Call 800-922-0204 or the direct line for Tier 2 servicing: 833-800-8246 and do an NRB ticket (You must have an account with Verizon to use this, and ask for the trouble ticket for the area) 

AT&T: Call customer care: 800-288-2020 to log the issue and open a ticket, or use the Mark My Spot App (Apple or Google)

T-Mobile/Sprint: Visit How Mobile Works and sign the petition for network enhancers in the area, or call: 1-800-937-8997.