A Discovery Around Every Corner.
Maybe it’s the location that brings people together, that inspires creativity, and that nurtures culture. Or maybe it’s just the attitude. But whether it’s for fun or work or both, it’s the neighborhood where anything is possible and good ideas thrive.

Be a Small Business Hero. 

Invest in the fabric of our community by shopping small and supporting your local retailers and makers this holiday season. Grab a small business hero card, show your support, and get an exclusive South End t-shirt or shopping tote bag in return. 

Small Business Saturdays are happening every Saturday from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Big things happen when you shop small. 




South End Skyline

8 Neighbors in South End Receive Grant Funds

Round two of the Small Business Innovation Fund has awarded $1.16 million to 37 small businesses in Charlotte. 8 of those businesses reside in South End. Congratulations to our awesome innovative businesses.