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A Day in South End for the Art Lover 

Calling all art lovers! Residents and visitors alike know that South End is bursting with color and vibrancy. Spend the day exploring the art scene that makes the neighborhood pop.  

Take a self-guided art tour with South End Interactive 

Fun fact! All around South End, there are interactive murals that tell the hidden stories behind the artwork. All you have to do is scan the QR code at each mural with your cell phone camera, and let the magic begin. Use this list of neighborhood murals as your guide:  

  • Edison Mural by Lo’Vonia Parks at 307 Lincoln St. 
  • Stronger Together by Georgie Nakima on Bland St. on the backside of Lost & Found 
  • Home Away From Home by Naji Alali at 1507 Camden Rd. 
  • The Good of the Hive by Matt Willey at Flower Child on Camden Rd. 
  • Confetti Hearts Wall by Evelyn Hensen at the Design Center on Camden Rd. 
  • Krispy Kreme mural by Gina Elizabeth Franco at 2116 Hawkins St. 
  • From the Stillness by Nick Napoletano at 201 Rampart St. 
  • The Hive by Grace Stott at 2250 Hawkins St. 
  • Luke Kuechly Tribute Mural by Matt Hooker and Matt Moore at 1411-A South Tryon 
  • I Have Seen the Future and We’re All In It by Mike Wirth with Arko and Drew Newpher at the Dilworth Artisan Station on 118 E. Kingston Ave.  

Enjoy a lunch at Flower Child  

Flower Child is home to fantastic food, and bright, meaningful murals for you to admire as you munch. The outside of Flower Child’s building was painted by Matthew Willey, with The Good of the Hive. Matthew’s mission is to paint 50,000 honeybees, the number of honeybees in a healthy hive, across the world, and you can visit one of his installations in our own backyard at Flower Child.  

Explore the local art galleries  

Our neighborhood offers some of the finest art galleries, showcasing art styles that range from realist to experimental. Crawl around these galleries and spend the day admiring some stunning artwork and meeting local artisans.  

  • Dilworth Artisan Station 
  • Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art  
  • Hildell Brooks Gallery  
  • Hodges Taylor Art Consultancy  
  • John Siebels Walker Studio  
  • Shed Brand Studio  
  • Vane Gallery