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A Foodie's Guide to Rail Trail Lights

Discover local art and local cuisine along the Rail Trail.

The Rail Trail Lights festival is back from February 2-18, and there are plenty of ways to explore the neighborhood while you discover the 4 interactive, illuminating art pieces along the Rail Trail. Whether you're motivated by the sweet smell of donuts, craving a comforting bowl of ramen, or looking to try something completely new, discover 5 ways to explore Rail Trail Lights as a foodie.

If You're Craving Asian Food

Start at Futo Buta, because ramen is the best way to warm up before walking the Trail. See Leave the Light On at The Pavilion before walking towards Flower Child, where you'll find Fractal Energy. Next, make your way to Kingston Connection to find Oyster Corner. Stop in at Hawkers Asian Street Fare for an appetizer or snack before walking towards Up-Next at Atherton. Find O-Ku near the Fairy Ring Light, where you can end the night with Okinawan style fried donuts called Sata Andagi, mochi ice cream, and matcha cocktails.

If You're Craving Latin Food

Start at Atherton, seeing Up-Next first. Check out the Fairy Ring Light on the Atherton Lawn crossing the street and heading to Superica for an appetizer of chili con queso and a margarita or horchata before continuing your walk the Rail Trail. Find La Capital MX at The Steelyard, where you can enjoy authentic fajitas, tacos, and more. Once you’re done, keep walking towards Kingston Connection to find Oyster Corner. If you still have room for dessert, head to Sabor Latin Street Grill and cap off your food tour with a guava empanada (pro tip: grab a scoop of vanilla ice cream from Two Scoops Creamery next door). Keep walking the Rail Trail to find Fractal Energy at Flower Child. End your adventure at The Pavilion, where you’ll find Leave the Light On.

If You're Craving Italian Food

Start at North Italia, where you can enjoy a small plate of White Truffle Garlic Bread or Prosciutto Bruschetta before starting your Rail Trail adventure. Walk towards Bland St. Station to find Leave the Light On at The Pavilion. Next, walk towards Flower Child to find Fractal Energy. Continue walking on the Rail Trail to find Oyster Corner at Kingston Connection, then cross the street to find Elsewhere, a pocket craft-cocktail bar under the historic water tower. Walk towards Up-Next and the Fairy Ring Light at Atherton to end the night with handmade pasta, espresso martinis, and cravable desserts like chocolate cake at Indaco.

If You're Craving Vegetarian and Vegan Food

Start at The Pavilion, where you'll find Leave the Light On before walking towards Flower Child. Find Fractal Energy at the vegan-friendly restaurant and start your culinary adventure with a seasonal sangria or lemonade and hummus appetizer. Once you're done at Flower Child, keep walking the Rail Trail towards Oyster Corner at Kingston Connection. Cross the street to grab a scoop of dairy-free ice cream from Jeni's before or after dinner! Then, walk towards Atherton to find Up-Next and the Fairy Ring Light, and end your adventure with dinner at Living Kitchen.

If You're Craving a Sweet Treat

Start your sweet adventure with a doughnut at the Krispy Kreme headquarters, where you can test the newest flavor combinations or check out the doughnut vending machine. Walk to Atherton, where you can find decadent desserts like tres leches cake and molten chocolate skillets at Trolley Barn, alongside the Up-Next installation and the Fairy Ring Light. Keep walking on the Rail Trail to see Oyster Corner at Kingston Connection. Then, cross the street to discover unique gelato flavors at Tutti Gelato. Continue walking to find Fractal Energy at Flower Child, and head across the street to grab a treat from The Salty Donut. End the night at The Pavilion, where you can see Leave the Light On.

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