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5 Reasons to Love The Brown Sugar Collab

DeAnna Allen opened The Brown Sugar Collab at the Shops at the Winnifred in 2020, with nearly all products found in the bath and body shop produced by businesses owned by women of color. Buy something from The Brown Sugar Collab and you support not only DeAnna's business, but other woman-owned business in the community as well. See 5 reasons to love The Brown Sugar Collab:

Everything is woman-owned.

In addition to the store itself being owned by a woman, DeAnna Allen, everything inside the store is from a woman-owned company. Yes, everything. DeAnna’s vision of The Brown Sugar Collab was to create a shopping experience that showcased all that women-led companies have to offer, and she’s done just that. From the accessories to the personal care and home essentials, every company inside the store is woman-owned.

It smells divine.

Move over, big box scents store; we’ve found a new champ. The Brown Sugar Collab is arguably one of the best-smelling stores in the city. As soon as you enter the space, you’re engulfed in scents that make you want to shop. Because of the store’s vast home and personal fragrance selection, it always smells good. The Brown Sugar Collab offers candles, scent sticks, perfume, and more that can turn you- and the place you live- into a fragrance experience.

It’s a candle-lover's heaven.

The candle selection is expansive. You can find dozens of candles on the shelves in plenty of different varieties. If you’re a candle-fanatic, this store was made for you. Another great part about the candle selection is that the store carries quite a few locally made brands, like Bel Flame.

The accessories aren’t cookie-cutter.

The Brown Sugar Collab has a great accessories selection. They offer earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry that don’t scream “there’s 500 more of me in the back!” Because the store prioritizes working with small businesses, their accessory selection reflects this. The collections are fresh and unique styles that don’t feel mass-produced. If you’re a believer in the idea that an accessory really makes an outfit, you’ll find all your fashion needs here. Also, the earring offerings change frequently to keep your wardrobe interesting.

Location, location, location

The store is part of The Shops at Winnifred and its location is prime. Perched within walking distance of bakery treats, like the ones at BW Sweets, and just two doors down from fashionably centered Five13 Studio, anytime we’re in the area, a “quick pop in” becomes a day of shopping and treating oneself. A visit to the store means a short walk to cake pops and a new outfit too. It’s perfect. 

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This article was written for Charlotte Center City Partners through a paid partnership with CLT Black Owned, Charlotte’s expert in supporting and growing local, black-owned businesses.