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1501 South Mint

South End has a thriving pup and beer-loving community. This restaurant, bar, and lounge brings together the two.

There are three things to love about 1501 South Mint: (1) the location, (2) the pup-friendliness, and (3) the atmosphere.

The location of 1501 South Mint is perfect. Just blocks away from the hustle and bustle of South End's Camden Road and South Blvd, 1501 South Mint offers a relaxing environment with a pup-friendly backyard and plenty of space to hang out. Enjoy a relaxing night in the neighborhood as you look out towards the Charlotte skyline, and as a bonus, the restaurant, bar, and lounge offers free parking in their adjacent lot. When pulling up to the space, make sure to check out the mural depicting Kobe and Gianna Bryant

One of the unique things about 1501 South Mint is that they began as a bar and dog park, but lately their crowds have grown to pet-owners and pet-free-visitors alike. Don’t have a pet? Don't worry, you’ll still have a great time!

Finally, and perhaps the greatest draw-in about 1501 South Mint, is the overall atmosphere. The owners pride themselves on having cultivated an inclusive, fun, and safe place that welcomes cross-generational visitors. Whether there’s an amazing playlist or live DJ, 1501 South Mint does a good job of maintaining a good time, including today’s popular hits, R&B, Hip Hop, and 90's favorites as staples in their music selection. Occasionally, 1501 South Mint offers paid-pass day parties with drink specials, a delicious menu, and bottle service.

Whether you're looking to hang out, try a craft cocktail, or have a puppy play date, 1501 South Mint is the spot.

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This article was written for Charlotte Center City Partners through a paid partnership with CLT Black Owned, Charlotte’s expert in supporting and growing local, black-owned businesses.