Charlotte Center City Partners, in collaboration with Lowe's and ArtPop Street Gallery have chosen 13 artists and 13 pieces of work to be displayed in empty (yet very viewable) South End property spaces. In addition to spreading positivity and hope in the community, Windows of Hope will support local artists at a time when physical exhibitions have been postponed or canceled. 

Artwork is currently displayed at The Hub (2250 Hawkins Street), 2100 S. Tryon Street, and Lowe's Home Improvement Store on S. Blvd. (217 Iverson Way). 

Thank you to all of our hardworking artists and curators below.

See what hope means to them, here. 

Adrian Chu Redmond

Instagram: @adrianchuredmond

Bree Stallings

Instagram: @breequixote

Caroline Simas

Instagram: @carolinesimas

Sarah Frisbie


Melissa D Johnston

Instagram: @melissadjohnston

Monique Luck

Instagram: @moniqueluckart

Mary Zio

Instagram: @mzioartist

Nick Signet

Instagram: @NickSignet

Manuerico Manuel Nye

Instagram: @nyeillustrated

Bailey Wingler

Instagram: @BaileyWingler

Tambra Parsons

Instagram: @arbmatart

Janki Patel

Instagram: @lemonandacanvas

Melissa Wineman

Instagram: @owlymo