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Dog Days of South End

It's a dog's life here, and it's pretty grand.

As the old saying goes “every dog has its day,” but in South End, every day is the dog’s day. Leash up your pup and discover why South End is known for catering to canines.


Dog-Friendly Patios 

You wouldn’t like it if your dog left you at home, so why do the same? All of the South End breweries are dog-friendly. Most restaurants and bars, including Common Market, Futo Buta, Craft Tasting Room, ROOTS Café, STIR, and Stable Hand, allow dogs on the patio. Bonus points to 1501 South Mint and Seoul Food Meat Co., who both have fenced in patios perfect for your pooch. 

Pampered Pooch

Can’t dogs have a treat yourself day too? Well, they can in South End thanks to dog spas and daycares like SkiptownClub FetchK9 Playland, and the Dog Wizard. Paw-dicure, anyone?

The Rail Trail: A Dog's Paradise

Your pooch-approved plans for the day begin with a walk (or run) on the Rail Trail, a 3.5-mile community trail that runs alongside the LYNX Blue Line light rail tracks. The vibrant linear park features public art and murals and access to popular restaurants, cafes and bars. The trail is also packed with public art, providing ample photo ops for your Insta-famous pup.

No Tricks, Only Treats

After a long walk on the Rail Trail, you’ll want something to cool off and your dog wants the same! To help all of South End enjoy the summer, Golden Cow Creamery provides frozen pup-cup options for your four-legged friends as well. Thanks to Pet Wants CLT’s fresh treats and small batch food, and Canine Café’s special dog cakes, you can also treat your pooch to a gourmet meal.

Doggo Approved Apartments

Finding the perfect apartment is no easy feat and oftentimes Fido can add an extra challenge. Luckily, almost every apartment building in South End welcomes dogs! Many of them even have added amenities like dogs parks and dog washing stations.